First day of the rest of our lives

This week has been very trying

Its hard to stay positive when everyday news of the virus are dire and negative. I’m fairly certain that a shelter in place order is going to be coming in the next few days. This will be terrible for my small business, as we can’t stay open if we can’t earn revenue. Being a manufacturer we have no option of working from home. If its short, a couple weeks, we may be okay, if its longer, a couple months, we are not. Its going to be the same problem as most small businesses.

Its causing me not to sleep much, which is affecting my health and mental state

All I can think about is work and whats going to happen when I lay down,

I’m trying to offset that by being as healthy as I can when I’m awake,

We had a big snow storm this week, 12 ” of snow with 60mpg winds. while its not that good for being outside which is the only way I think I’m going to get through this. it sure is pretty when its over.

was up bright and early today, decided with the pretty snow the best thing would be to take the dog for a walk. definitely cleared my head, and hopefully will be more to come.

I’m very blessed to live in such a pretty neighborhood.

Who am I

I am an overachiever, who was definitely lucky to be in the right place at the right time. I made a lot of choices when I was young that almost all turned out as good as possible, then I capitalized on them by willing to learn on my own the solution to any problem and out working everyone else to make the most of every situation.

Hired out my first year of university as a computer programmer at 19 .  Running the entire IT department before I was 20

Was asked leave and help with a startup when I was 21. which is what I’ve done for the past 28 years.

We have grown from 2 people in a small warehouse to operations in 9 countries.

I was the your typical work was everything type A personality.  Never missed work, spent 12 hours a day in the office, worked at home on evening and weekends.

Work dictated everything and my personal life took a back seat

I was married at 30, and I’m ashamed to say nothing changed.

I continued to work just as many hours, I would take holidays but would be working throughout the entire trip while my family went and made memories without me

Work was first, above everything, it was good for my success and unfortunately not good for the people around me.

I thought providing and succeeding was the most important thing.


After I hit 40 things changed, nothing specific triggered it, but I started to have my mind opened that maybe working every day, for the privilege to go back and repeat it again the next day .

I should stop and smell the roses once in a while

I should stop and spend quality time with my family

I should find something that I enjoy out of work, something that truly brings happiness to myself.

It’s a process something that I’m trying to do better. 

I listen to podcasts and audio books in my vehicle all the time, most are about personal advancement, some are personal fulfillment, very few are for entertainment.

My company and work should not be what identifies me.

I still work over 50 hours a week, and I work hard but I am starting to delegate more,  knowing if an outside problem arises nothing is going to come crumbling down,  I can trust my employees to deal with everything while I’m away for short periods and I can catch up on anything they can’t later

I’ve created this site to try to find a balance between work life, home life and my life

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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